Niv Shank

My name is Niv Shank and I'm a photographer and filmmaker originally from Israel,  where I spent my early years growing up in a small desert town, by the Dead Sea.  I grew up in a multi cultural home, with an Eastern European father and a Middle Eastern mother. Both inspired me to explore cultures, places, languages and people as a way of life.

I discovered early on that photography was the perfect way to explore the world and different cultures. Since picking up a camera, I have never stopped documenting my world.

Photography is the perfect artistic expression for me. I've found that it's the inbetween moments when my subjects relax that I am able to capture the most authentic and spontaneous moments that’s I truly love.

I love to travel, and my first stop was Italy. I spent two years touring Europe, shooting and absorbing the cultures. My time spent in these places has had a huge impact on my work. I later relocated to the New York and follow by Los Angeles. These days I’m based in Europe and I travel where work is calling me.

I’m following my vision to create images that are inspired from life, real people, candid moments, landscapes, memories and different cultures that fascinated me.

I love working on locations and I always shoot with a narrative in mind. I take great satisfaction in creating a fresh experience with each of my subjects, I love inspiring them to be the character that I think they truly are.

I feel indebted to all the wonderful people I have photographed for their role in my career and life.

I thank you all, and those yet to come, for being part of my continuing journey and hope to be a part of yours.




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